Thank you for your support and donation to SIDS. Together, we can make a difference in our community. Please fill out the information below and your space will be confirmed via a text message. We are limiting the free session to only 10 families. Please make your your donation SIDS after the confirmation text message.

The mini session includes 15 minute time slot and 5 digital images. Additional images are extra charges. The pictures will be available via an online gallery in about 2 weeks.

Morning @ Oriole Park: 7:00am | 7:15am | 7:30am | 7:45am | 8:00am | 8:15am | 8:30am | 8:45am Afternoon @ Catherine Chevalier Woods: 2:00pm | 2:15pm | 2:30pm | 2:45pm | 3:15pm | 3:30pm | 3:45pm | 4:00pm | 4:15pm



RESERVATION: By filling out this form, you are reserving the date and time of the session. A confirmation will be emailed/texted shortly after you submit the form. If you need to reschedule for any reason, 24 hour advance notice is required for a makeup session. Our alternative date is November 8 for rescheduling request. If you are late to your appointed time without advance notification, you may lose your session slot and Kamie is not responsible for a make up session.

COVID: Kamie will be wearing a mask throughout the session. When your photos are not being taken, please follow social distancing guideline and wear a mask. If you or your family member become sick (Covid or not), please let Kamie know and we will reschedule.

MODEL RELEASE: By having your photo taken by CORFIAS FILMS, you are giving us the unrestricted right to use and publish the photographs on our social media. For privacy request, please let us know.

COPYRIGHT AND LICENSING: The images that are being provided to you are licensed copies for any reasonable personal purposes, including but not limited to: printing, copying, emailing, and web publishing. You are responsible for downloading the images within one month from the provided online gallery. After one month, you release CORFIAS FILMS from any liability due to loss or damage of the images, and also release CORFIAS FILMS from any obligation to maintain copies of any digital file, image, or photograph.

CAPTURE AND DELIVERY: CORFIAS FILMS is not liable to deliver every image taken at the session. The determination of images delivered to the CLIENT is left to the discretion of CORFIAS FILMS. As a complimentary of your donation to SIDS, you will get your pick of 5 images to download. Additional are extra charges.

POST PRODUCTION AND EDITING: The final post production and editing styles, effects, and overall look of the images are left to the discretion of CORFIAS FILMS.