Two high school sweathearts who cannot live without each other

Mike and Sami was a dream couple to work it. They were so sweet, kind, and caring for each other, their family, and even for us.

We met Sami twice with her mom at Starbucks. Sami and her mom have this sweetness in them that we just don't know how to describe with words. They weren't just asking about our work. They were genuinely curious about George and I as a couple and our life with two kids and one coming on the way. We honestly fell in love with them and knew we had to shoot their wedding. We are so fortunate that we were their favorite potential vendor as well.

Sami shared her sweet love story of how it all started with Mike. They were high school sweethearts but had broken off for a few years. There is a saying "Don't marry the person you can live with but marry the person you cannot live without". This was the exact feeling they had when they were separated. So here we are...celebrating the union of two high school sweethearts who could not live without each other!!