Wedding Cinematography

Videography compliments your picture perfect moments in many ways. When you want to hear your own voice cracked during those emotional wedding vows...or when you want to know the reasons that make your laughed so hard that you spit out your drink...or when you want to remember that great toasts from your best friends.

That's what video is all about. You can relive the special day with audio and moving pictures. It makes you laugh and cry all over again in pure joy.


Our style of filming is based on authentic real moments. We let your day unfolds as you plan it and capture it creatively. During key moments such as ceremony, toasts, and special dances, we set up multiple cameras from far away and let enjoy the moment as if we are not there.

We take care to obtain amazing audio throughout the day. When DJ allows, we provide a recorder to hook to their system for a clean audio. We also have our own lapel microphone for ceremony vows, homily, and readings.

At night time, we spot light you to enhance the quality of the video in the low lit atmosphere. It also give you that romantic feel during your first dance!

SHORT FILMS (aka Highlights) + FULL EDITS

Our short film (wedding highlight) is about 3-5 minutes. Through love letters, vows, ceremony speeches, and toasts, we carefully select out the words that highlight your love story. We incorporate all the key moments that you share with each other and the special people in your lives.

Our full wedding movies are thoroughly edited collections between multiple cameras and multiple sound tracks for your enjoyment. Sit back, relax, and watch your day unfold from beginning to the end of the night.

Each wedding is truly unique because your story is unique. Check out a few samples of our short films below.

What is your love story? Let's chat!

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