Congratulation Britney!!

She is a recent graduate of 2020 from Niles West, Skokie, IL. She is my proud niece whom I held since birth and babysat frequently from a little baby. Eighteen years passed and she is now a smart, strong, and confident woman who is about to embark the college journey as a pre-med student at UIC and pursue her dream career as a pediatrician. I am super proud of her and her hardwork. As a graduate during the pandemic, she missed out on many fun senior opportunities such as graduation and prom. She is very bummed about it but she still smiles, make jokes, and still have a positive outlook on everything. That's the spirit of strong determined girl!!

If you ever shoot with me, I see beauty in an ordinary location. While driving toward the school, I spot this fence of lilac in the neighborhood alley. It was blooming. The purple lilac against the fainted grey fence was so beautiful. I asked Britney to stop by there before heading to school for the rest of the pictures.

Her little brother came along with us and sent me a few behind the scene pictures.