Thanks Tam for bringing me to this place - Johnson's Strawberry Farm during the peek of sunflower blooming. This place is so beautiful!! This was one of my favorite outdoor family sessions and let me tell you why:

  • beautiful LOCATION - this farm was absolutely beautiful. Did I say that already? Best of all - there were not many people toward closing time. The farm also allowed us to make our own cut of flowers to take home. So, we used the cut flowers to set up for their session.
  • best TIMING - I love shooting close to sunset. The lighting is absolutely soft and even (no spotty light). Most of these pictures are taken 30 minutes before the sun completely set.
  • best WEATHER - oh the uncontrollable factor of the day but we got so lucky. It was around 70 degrees. Not too hot and not cold. This allows the kids to be comfortable to be outdoor. Comfortable = better mood.
  • Preparing the KIDS - In the anticipation of pushing them for photos means we need them to be in a good mood. Mom got them to nap and fed well! Plus, mom and dad got treats for them to snack during the session. Happy kids are the key to a successful session!

Mom and I were over the moon with the turnout of this session. The location, outfits, the lighting, the kids - all just so perfect. We incorporated Smash The Cake session as baby Mikey was turning ONE. Big brother Noah was turning TWO. Siblings always have rivalry so the LAST picture of the two kids was just perfect. Baby Noah had enough pictures and was in tears. Big brother just stared at him in disbelief. LOL. In fact, it was so perfect that the farm picked it as one of their pictures in the sunflower photo competition. We won second place! YAY!

If you haven't been to Thompson's Strawberry Farm, check it out before the summer ends. $25/per car. According to their website, their next peek blooming is Mid-September.

Here are more pictures from the session. Enjoy!