Between weddings and newborns, it is so hard to decide which is my favorite type of photography. While weddings are sadly at a halt, I do love more opportunities to see newborns.

Newborns are so adorable, aren't they!! So small. So precious. Just the sight of them makes me smile from ear to ear. I want to squeeze this little handsome man but I must refrain myself from being too close. This is very first family and newborn session since the Illinois statewide shutdown due to Coronavirus. Although I have been hibernating at home as an nonessential worker since mid-March, there is still a risk and I want to limit any exposure to a precious little 5 week old human. I try very hard to stay at a distant throughout the shoot. Most of these shots are taken 6-20 feet away. There are a few moments that I have to come closer to help pose the baby, but I take extra caution and sanitize my hands and put on my mask. Being a parent myself, I do not want a newborn to get sick or bring the virus home to my own little ones.

Thank you Marvin & Anna for trusting me in photographing your handsome man and trust that I take extra care to protect him as well. And thank you for waiting five whole weeks for this session with me.

I was quite excited for this outdoor session. I have a few props available in the studio but I wanted something to match the outdoor theme. So I personally made a heart basket with fake mosses. Being five weeks old, Andrew did not sleep as much as a fresher newborn. Actually, he didn't want to sleep at all. It was okay. Babies sleep whenever they want. So, we focused more on family pictures. There were some crying ones that I really loved too. It represented true moments of parenthood. After 2 hours of waiting, Andrew still didn't want to sleep. Just after I packed my props into the car, he knocked out. Mom and dad was like "It is okay. We got enough pictures." I couldn't let that happen. My goal was one sleeping newborn picture. With their permission to take one more picture, I ran to my car and grabbed my little white bed. Mr. Andrew stayed asleep on it in the field of dandelions. It became my very favorite picture. Mom loved it too <3.