Congratulation Theresa!!

She is a recent graduate of 2020 from Glenbard North High School in Carol Stream, IL and will be a pre-med student at UIC and future pediatrician. Doesn't that just all sounds so accomplished already?! She is a young lady who is confident, strong, and beautiful. Graduating during the pandemic sucks so her big sister, Tam, booked this graduation session for Theresa.

Theresa and I didn't even exchange a single word before the session and we are both so excited with the outcome! We were like a perfect fit for this style of session and we had so much fun!

Before the session, all of our communication between us has been indirect through Tam, her big sister. Tam and I have known each other for more than a decade from a community group called IVSU. I have shot her engagement, wedding, the birth of her children, and many family sessions. She is one of my biggest supporter in my business and I am so grateful for it. So, I wanted to do something extra special for this senior session for her baby sister. Something I have only practiced with models and not yet with client. Fine art beauty portraiture. I have been following work of famous fine art portraiture photographers such as David Stanczak, Kelly Brown, and Dani Diamond for over a year. I have even take up a few posing classes. When it comes to beauty portraiture, it is not about smiling for the camera. It is about engaging with the camera. Being comfortable, confident, and beautiful.

I told Tam to ask if Theresa would be interested in attempting this style of fine art portraiture for her senior session. Theresa said yes. I was excited.

Being comfortable in front of the camera is the key to this session. We started out with a few easy traditional poses. When I ask Theresa to gracefully dance left and right, that's when she let loose of her camera's awareness and magic started to happen. She trusted me and my guidance and played along with my crazy requests such as flirt with my camera. :) We had so much fun! and OMG the pictures are so beautiful and Theresa is stunning. Don't you agree?

Congratulation Theresa! Wishing you the best college years and a successful career as a pediatrician.