It is May 2020 and we are still on lockdown in Illinois for almost 3 months. The pandemic sucks. Weddings cancel. Adults work from home. Schools are closed. Children cannot see with their best friends. It hurts everyone. We are all coping as best as we could.

Together we will be stronger. Giving back is the best form of support for our community. So we are doing our part too. We reached out to our local school and offered some photography and videography assistance for the new graduates. We have helped the school before and they were just as excited as we were. With social distancing in mind, we came to the school and helped filmed all the graduation speeches for the virtual graduation ceremony in the course of two days.

In additional, we offered mini cap and gown sessions to parents who inquired for their children. The students were scheduled 10 minutes apart and over two days. They all did really good especially those are appearing in front of a professional camera from a complete stranger for the first time.

As I was listening to these awesome commencement speeches and taking pictures for these young graduates, I feel so happy for the graduates and their parents. It is YEARS of accomplishment. YEARS of growth and development. Years of hardwork, dedication, commitment, and sacrifices for both kids and parents to get to this very milestone. As parents of three young kids, I feel proud for all the parents. In a blink of eye, our children transitioned from a toddler that would not let go of our arms and legs when we drop them off for their first day of preschool into independent teenagers who are building your own future. So, congratulation to both graduates and parents of graduates of 2020!

Graduates, take on the world! You are the future!